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ICT and Digital Citizenship Learning Continuum – Complete document

ICT and Digital Citizenship Continuum – Faculty Breakdown

The Combination of Fashion and Technology: Past, Present and Future – an article with lots of ideas

Future Technology in Textiles – Smart/eTextiles Pinterest page – many pins related to eTextiles which may inspire lesson/project ideas

Modern Technology and Farming – an article by Science Net Links outlining many aspects of teaching about modern technology and agriculture

Stage 4 Computational Thinking Activities for Technology (Mandatory)

In Stage 4, students are encouraged to become more sophisticated in their use of computational thinking skills in all learning areas. They can create online stories and games, programs and models. Students can use electronics and robotic technology to create mechanisms and develop mini-computers. They learn how to best use everyday sites such as Google Maps and spreadsheets. Students learn about online safety.

Students could:

  • compete in the Federal Government-supported Re-engineering Australia Foundation F1 in Schools Technology Challenge
  • design and create 3D models using software such as SketchUp or Autodesk products to be used as design drawings or final products (Built Environment)
  • integrate technologies to add function to accessories (Accessories, Fashion and Jewellery Design)
  • design and develop interactive cookbooks using web development or apps such as iBooks Author (Food Design)
  • create interactive toys or mechanisms (Industrial Design)
  • create digital signage systems or radio systems (Communications System Design)
  • design, develop and produce products using CAD and subtractive or additive manufacturing (Industrial Design)
  • enhance existing products in acrylic or timber by adding a coded aspect, such as pattern, engraving or computer aided manufacture (CAM)
  • program games using Unity, Scratch or Python (Software Design)
  • develop interactive websites integrating web coding technologies such as Javascript and JQuery – W3Schools has useful tutorials on both languages (Digital Media Design).