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ICT and Digital Citizenship Learning Continuum – Complete document

ICT and Digital Citizenship Continuum – Faculty Breakdown

Integrating ICT Capability in English from BOSTES –

The study of English enables students to develop and apply knowledge, understanding and skills of ICT in their composing, responding and presenting, and as part of the imaginative and critical thinking they undertake in English.

Students have the opportunity to become competent, discriminating and creative users of ICT as they learn to use ICT effectively and appropriately when investigating, creating and communicating ideas and information. Students will learn about the ethics of information communication through technology.

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Stage 4 Computational Thinking Activities for English

In Stage 4, students are encouraged to become more sophisticated in their use of computational thinking skills in all learning areas. They can create online stories and games, programs and models. Students can use electronics and robotic technology to create mechanisms and develop mini-computers. They learn how to best use everyday sites such as Google Maps and spreadsheets. Students learn about online safety.

Students could:

  • create poetry using online poetry creators such as AIpoem or Poetry Creator apps
    work as a class to publish a collection of short stories using iBooks Author or a similar app
  • write narratives using programs such as Alice
  • develop and code games that include narrative elements with gaming software, such as Unity or YoYo Games
  • create comics using an online comic creator such as Alice or Pixton
    model conversations in Scratch
  • deconstruct coding instructions as an informational or procedural text type.