Illustrations of Practice Videos

AITSL has created many videos regarding ‘Illustrations of Practice’. The following links are to videos from AITSL with a particular focus on ICT.

Setting Expectations for Using ICT – The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) requires a well-thought approach and in this Illustration, Mel, the four year old kindergarten teacher, explains how she effectively integrates ICT into her program. (Proficient)

Using the Internet for Research – A teacher plans to provide his students with a research project on aspects of English literature. To complete the project, students will have to be taught how to use the Internet safely, responsibly and ethically. (Proficient)

GPS as a Tool for Teaching Spatial Awareness – In order to reinforce basic skills, this teacher provides real life examples and incorporates the use of technology such as the GPS. (Proficient)

Problem Solving Skills with Robotics – This teacher facilitates a lesson where students participate in a robotics lesson. The students are encouraged to solve problems by using data. (Proficient)

Peer Teaching and Computer Programming – The teacher explains that the school’s focus is to encourage students to teach one another. He describes the various ICT programs used to increase student skills in computer programming that prepare them for real-life occupations involving construction and design. (Proficient)

Using Social Media – Here a teacher uses social media platforms as a means of engaging students in a year 7 geography unit about Antarctica. (Proficient)

A Collaborative Learning Space – The teacher of the year 1 class has a highly developed understanding of how to plan and implement effective teaching and learning using ICT. (Proficient)

Engaging with Technology – The teacher describes how information and communication technology has enabled her to transform the ways of learning in her classroom. The introduction of, and use of ICT, has increased the options available to meet the specific learning needs of students across a wide range of abilities. (Proficient)

Dynamic Geometry Software –  In the illustration, the teacher describes in detail one piece of dynamic geometry software that he uses in his mathematics class. The software enables him to focus on higher level concepts rather than on standard mathematical processes. (Proficient)

Using ICT to Teach Languages – In this Year 12 language class, ICT is used as a diagnostic tool to informally assess students understanding of the vocabulary required for an oral assessment. (Proficient)

Cyberbullying – The Health Education teacher highlights some of the sensitivities involved in teaching issues such as cyberbullying. She feels that her selection of a range of ICT resources supported learning, stimulated discussions and enhanced the topic. (Highly Accomplished)

Ethical Information Use – The professional learning contextualises student learning by demonstrating delivery through a virtual learning environment. It employs the use of internet resources, video, learning objects and online tools including surveys, quizzes, a referencing generator, pre and post-test assessments and an online forum. (Highly Accomplished)

Engaging Through ICT – A highly accomplished year 9 teacher demonstrates how he uses a blog and video tutorials to engage students and support his colleagues. (Highly Accomplished)

Sports Broadcasting – Within the grade 6 English class, these challenges enable students to enact and interact while recording and presenting simulated broadcasts of sporting events using multimodal technologies. (Highly Accomplished)

Using an ICT Toolkit – An assistant principal, who is also a teacher at her school, plans and delivers a half-day professional learning program to her colleagues. She delivers training to small groups of teachers using a nationally approved and developed ICT toolkit. (Highly Accomplished)

Online Curriculum – Here the e-Learning coordinator at Albert Park College explains how the school’s online curriculum is developed and supported to facilitate high quality teaching and learning. (Highly Accomplished)

Responsible Use of ICT – Here the teacher explains how teacher confidence is key to safe and supportive learning environments when using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with students. (Highly Accomplished)

ICT for Learning – Here the teacher describes how she improves teaching and learning practices across learning areas through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). (Highly Accomplished)