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iPad Bootcamp for Parents – A website ‘designed to give a solid introduction to the iPad, both how it functions and its potential as a learning tool.’

How to put restrictions on an iPad

Staying Safe Online – A Guide for Parents (NSW Curriculum Learning Innovation Centre)

iParent (Australian Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner) – This site has information for parents on online gaming, social media, digital citizenship and much more.

Think U KnowThinkUKnow is a free, evidence-based cyber safety program that provides accessible cyber safety education to parents, carers and teachers through schools and organisations across Australia.

Managing Your Reputation on Social Media – This fact sheet may help parents in discussing social media with their children.

Tips on Mobile Phones and Young People

What parents should know about…

Here is a list of some apps and websites parents should know about. Your kids may be using them now or could encounter them in the future. Even if an app isn’t considered “dangerous” for your child, it’s still a good idea for you to get familiar with the technology available to them. These are not the only pages of information available on theses apps. Please search further if you need more information.

Facebook (from Screen Retriever)

Facebook (from Think U Know)

Instagram (from CommonSense Media)

Instagram (from Think U Know)

Snapchat (from Connect Safely)

Snapchat (from Think U Know)

Kik (from CommonSense Media)

Kik (from Think U Know)

Minecraft (from CommonSense Media)

Minecraft (from Think U Know)

YouTube (from TechGuide4Parents)

YouTube (from Think U Know)

Twitter (from TechGuide4Parents)

Twitter (from Think U Know)


Clash of Clans


Steam Gaming