Tech Articles for Parents

There are many articles around regarding parents and technology. Feel free to browse some of these articles via the links below.

Calrossy Anglican School does not necessarily endorse any of these articles in particular but would like to provide parents with current information regarding technology and students from a variety of sources across Australia from which they may make their own well-rounded judgements regarding technology and their children.

On Kids and Screens, A Middle Way Between Fear and Hype – By Anya Kamenetz July 2016

5-Minute Film Festival: Building a Parent Toolkit – By Amy Erin Borovoy via Edutopia December 2015

Meet the Nine-Year-Old Coding Whizz – Sydney Morning Herald, June 2016

Why We Need Laptops in Classrooms – Sydney Morning Herald, April 2016

Back to School Tech – Who Controls Your Gadgets – Sydney Morning Herald, January 2016

Students Favour Online Technology in ‘Flipped’ Classroom Models – Sydney Morning Herald, February 2016

ICT Skills Shortage Points to Enormous Career Opportunities – Deloitte, March 2015

Keeping Up with Information and Communication Technology – A report by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, March 2015

Respecting Children’s Agency with Technology – Early Childhood Australia, May 2016

Media Benefits for Children and Teenagers –

Ten Cybersafety Tips That Every Parent Should Know – School A to Z webpage by NSW Education Department